Chinese Attitudes Towards Gambling

The Chinese culture is one of the most influential cultures in the world. With a lot of ethnic Chinese scattered in across the continents, this is all the more applicable. In relation to gambling, the Chinese have always had this element incorporated into their lives. In ancient times, gambling was already in existence. Today, Macau plays a large role in the gambling world.

According to a study conducted by Desmond Lam, PhD of the University of Macau, many Chinese gamble for financial reasons. “The motivation to gamble for money as seen in the casinos of Macau may have stemmed from China’s recent transition from economic poverty to prosperity. For more than a century, the Chinese have experienced great insecurity caused by political and economic events that shaped their attitudes and behavior (Redding, 1990).” Given that, it is quite safe to say that the Chinese attitude towards gambling is in a positive light.

More so, the Chinese have a lot of superstitious beliefs that give them an illusion of control over gambling activities. Numerology holds much sway over many traditional Chinese. Numerology is a belief which puts importance in specific numbers for certain people. Another belief is feng shui wherein people modify their surroundings to gain good luck.

As such, when Chinese people gamble, they tend to take more risks than the average gambler. More than following superstition, the study shows that Chinese see gambling as a form of relaxation, something in which they can derive pleasure. As you can see, they are not much different from anyone else in this respect.

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