Virgin Group to go on WSOP Promotion

Online gaming company Virgin Games has announced that it is going to team up with its sister company, Virgin Atlantic, to begin a poker promotional partnership.The agreement will be very ambitious as it seeks to include all of the flights to Las Vegas to participate in the promotion during the 2006 World Series of Poker. The flights are expected to offer themed Virgin Poker branded products as well as Virgin Poker accounts.

According to the plan, all of the passengers on Virgin Atlantic flights to Las Vegas from London’s Gatwick airport are all eligible to get an exclusive Las Vegas survival guide and Virgin Poker merchandise. The Virgin Poker sick bags will also carry the slogan “We don’t want you to chuck in your hands” and will be available on all flights.

Every single one of the Virgin Poker “Vegas Survival Guide” will also offer a large number of goodies that can possibly be of use in order to survive in Las Vegas during the World Series. Among the goodies included are poker tips, hand rankings and a detailed map of some of Las Vegas’ finest casinos.

According to Ross Sleight, Marketing Director of Virgin Games, “Virgin Games is all about fun and entertainment as well as gambling, and in producing themed sick-bags and offering Virgin Poker merchandise to all Virgin Atlantic passengers, we’re emphasizing those two core beliefs – fun and entertainment – to a wider, although concentrated, audience.”

The Virgin group of companies are quite well known for their wild marketing gimmicks and innovative promotions and with this event, the reputation is still well-founded.

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