US “Army” puts fight in behalf of online poker

The recent operations conducted by the United States government on key figures in the online gambling industry as well as on the online gambling sites themselves have not escaped the notice of many people who see online gambling as the future.In fact, poker fans from all over the United States are showing their united voice in trying to defend their favorite game as a reaction to the recent activities to pull down internet gambling. The actions of the government has actually led to many online casinos and poker rooms to altogether avoid the very lucrative US market precisely because of the uncertain legal issues that surround the Wire Act.

As a show of solidarity entertainment executive Philip Ittleson has announced the launching of This is a newly opened website that seeks to educate the estimated 70 million US poker fans and then urge them to rally to defend their rights. The move is an attempt to build a volunteer “army” that will seek to heighten Washington’s awareness of how unpopular its actions have been among the general American public.

Ittleson is the executive producer of a new poker documentary entitled “No Limit” that is going to be released in October. Ittleson said that “The whole internet gaming ban is a joke, poker players are not terrorists, lets get our priorities straight. The biggest crime is that we are not regulating and taxing it.”

The new website is already getting a lot of buzz with celebrities even backing the cause.

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