The Ultimate Gambling Moments

What is the ultimate gambling moment?

When you WIN, of course!!

There is just nothing like that feeling of winning. You feel like you can do anything. Pure ecstasy.

But what about when you lose? We can’t all be 007, pulling out a 9 against Blofeld every single time.

This is an important moment as well. It is a time to be stoical and act with dignity, because if you can’t- and you act all sour and sore- your loved ones will start to think that you have a problem controlling your habit and what started out as a bit of fun can soon get very nasty indeed.

So smile when you lose as you know that there will be another day!! There is a saying that “gamblers only remember their wins“. That may be true, but if you can be the type of gambler who looks like he is winning, even when losing, you will be on your way to being a “great” gambler.

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