Proposed internet gambling bill faces delay in Senate

Two aides for Republican politicians have indicated that they foresee that the proposed internet gambling bill is not likely to get a United States Senate passage before senators begin a recess that will last for a whole month beginning the fourth of August.The proposed internet gambling bill was not considered as one of the priorities mapped out by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who is a Republican from Tennessee. This was revealed during a session with reporters in which he laid out various measures he hoped will be given the proper attention before the Senate’s August vacation.

Backers of the proposed gambling legislation had been hoping that the bill will go through the Senate in a relatively fast time this month especially after the arrest of BetonSports CEO David Carruthers. Carruthers was arrested on charges of racketeering and conspiracy. Recently he was fired from his position as CEO of the UK-listed BetonSports.

But because of the other priorities of the United States Senate that are included in the schedule, the aides came to the conclusion that the gambling bill is going to face a significant delay. One Republican aide even posted as much. One aide has mentioned that he does not expect the Senate will pass the internet gambling bill within the next two weeks. Another Republican aide said that there is a possibility that the proposed bill will be passed within the two week time frame but right now that agenda is not even on the schedule of the Senate.

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