Poker pro signed by has recently announced that it has signed poker professional Jordan Morgan.Morgan has acquired quite a well founded reputation among poker and gambling circles as one of the most fearless and dangerous young players in the world of professional poker. Morgan’s talents have not been lost on others as he is now currently ranked in the top ten in the world when it comes to online play.

According to spokesman, Peter Marcus, “Jordan is one of the best players of his generation — he bets wisely, and plays very aggressively when the odds are in his favor.”

Marcus adds that Morgan is a great addition to the Extreme Team because of his youth, energy and his great relationship with the rest of the online poker community.

Even though Morgan actually began his poker career by playing the game exclusively online he has been able to progress to live poker tournaments and has in fact recently left the World Series of Poker tournament with over $100,000 in prize winnings.

Morgan, for his part, shared that he is delighted to be part of “one of the most respected online poker rooms in the world, especially since most of my success has come within the online world.”

The Extreme Team is a great vehicle in which the company can actually mount a crusade to bring poker playing to more people and penetrate markets that are as yet untapped. It is safe to say that we should be expecting more and more news about this team in the coming years.

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