Online poker site sponsors Holyfield

Evander Holyfield has constantly been parodied as a little slow when it comes to the brains department. His intellect may be a subject of ridicule but no one can deny the fact that the man has serious skills when it comes to boxing.

Now the four time world heavyweight champion is set to go back into the ring to renew his quest to make boxing history by becoming the first boxes ever to have held the world heavyweight title for a record five separate occasions. Holyfield’s fight also marks a first as it will also be the boxing debut of online poker site The sponsorship decision is seen as the company’s move to develop its sports sponsorship brand.

The 43 year old Holyfield is set to go fight against the veteran Jeremy Bates at the Airlines Centre in Dallas more than two years after his last heavyweight fight. The match is of course being expected to generate some serious public interest not only for the United States market but also from a global televised audience.

According to Chief Operating Officer, David Kinsman, “Our continued exploration of sports sponsorships demonstrates our respect for the sporting ideal, and we understand that poker players are by their nature equally fanatical about sports of all sorts.”

Based on the sponsorship deal, the logo will be seen on all four sides of the canvas as well as in the corner pads behind each of the two fighters during the ten round non title fight.

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