Online casino closes shop

The increased crackdown of the US government on online gambling companies – including arrests on the high profile heads and CEOs of these companies when they land on US soil, has actually resulted in companies getting scared off operating online gambling sites – which could be the objective of the US government all along.One of the establishments that really take the arrests a little too seriously is The Ritz Club. This gambling arm of London’s most famous hotel, has recently announced that it will be closing its online gaming site after the very recent spate of industry arrests in Europe and the US.

A spokesperson for the London based company confirmed that the website was already taken down last this Friday and that all of the links from the club’s main website has also been erased.

The spokesperson, in a statement, said, “In light of the current confusion and inconsistency in online gaming legislation worldwide, the owners of The Ritz Club London Online have, regretfully, decided to close the site to new customers with immediate effect.”

In recent months the stocks of UK gaming companies have lost a combined £2.4 billion in value since the end of June as the industry continued to lose its top executives. Last Monday, World Gaming announced that resignations of both its chairman and its high profile director.

At this juncture though, UKBetting, the online sports information and gaming firm, has recently announced that it has acquired the The Ritz Club Online. The company has not yet divulged how much it paid for the website.

UKBetting has announced that under its ownership The Ritz Club’s online operation will have no connection whatsoever to the land based casino.

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