New online casino to tap Asian market

Online gambling as a recreational pastime is getting bigger and bigger. More and more people from all over the world are realizing how convenient it is to gamble online. For many people it is similar to actually having your very own casino in your own home. Whenever you want to play a few games, you do not even need to prepare to go out and drive to a casino, you just need to open your PC boot up and voila! You are already in a casino (a virtual one, that is) where you can play the casino games of your choice.But even though online casinos and online gambling sites are quite popular all over the world, there are still some areas where it has not been able to penetrate as much in terms of market acceptance and share. One of these is southeast Asia. But there are some enterprising individuals who are trying to remedy the situation.

The Maharajah Club is set to launch its unique gaming brand and is envisioned to become the first online casino that has been made specifically for the Asian market.

The casino hopes to tap the over 300 million people in Asia or of Asian descent, including more than 3 million living in the UK alone. The casino had its debut at the recently held Asian Lifestyle Show held in London this weekend.

According to CEO Sachin Pawa of Maharajah club, “’This is a brand new audience for online gaming and we are extremely proud and excited to be the only company dedicated to serving the South East Asian market.”

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