Atlantic City Casino shutdown brings customers online

It is a known fact that brick and mortar casinos are still the more popular venues for gambling all over the world. It is traditionally where people go to when they want to gamble and have fun and of course, it is hard to break tradition. Even though online casinos and online gambling sites are becoming more and more popular it is still not getting the kind of business that traditional casinos enjoy. For example, the revenues that are being enjoyed by casinos in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City run in the billions. That is a revenue that would be hard to beat.But residents in the Atlantic City area are becoming reacquainted with their computers and the concept of online gambling sites. This is because with the New Jersey government shut down for the fifth straight day, the residents are turning to the internet to get their gambling fix.

At present, Atlantic City’s casinos have been closed because of the shutdown of the New Jersey government. This is the first closure of casinos in the area in more than a quarter century.

Because of this closure, the residents’ have turned to websites like for their gambling.

The city government is actually looking at a revenue loss of about $1.3 million a day in taxes – this is the amount generated from the state’s twelve casinos. Thus, this development is becoming a source of concern for the city government.

Alex Czajkowski, Marketing Director, said, ‘We’ve experienced a significant increase in the amount of casino and poker related revenue on our site today from our customers in and around the Atlantic City area.

‘One of the benefits of online gambling and what makes our business so successful is the fact that people can enjoy what we have to offer at any time and from anywhere – we’re never closed.’

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